Facelift for Lo Pagan’s Parque del Mar

Facelift for Lo Pagan’s Parque del Mar
Facelift for Lo Pagan’s Parque del Mar

This summer, tourists will find a new and much improved seafront in Lo Pagan. The local Council wants to completely refurbish the Park of the Sea during May and June to provide the 12,000 sq mtr area between the fishing pier, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography and La Curva with a much needed facelift.

Facelift for Lo Pagan’s Parque del Mar
Facelift for Lo Pagan’s Parque del Mar

The councillor for Urbanism, Pedro Sánchez, said it is all very old and the entire area needs to be made more accessible to the public.

Mayca Egea, the architect from Pinar del Rio, has designed an area that is healthy and that will provide activities for the elderly and for children. Young people will have their sown area, with a zip line zip line, an aerial runway and shaded areas to protect them from the direct heat of the sun.

One of the main attractions of the new park will be the jets of water in the ground, which in summer will ensure lots of fun your youngsters.

The stage, which will be used to hold summer events, will be modernised and the whole area will be more accessible and comfortable for the public.

There will even be a number of shaded tables installed to serve as a picnic area or a reading area. The pavement will be a mixture of smooth concrete and cobblestone.

The council has also ordered the demolition of El Coyote bar in La Curva, which will be replaced in time for the spring by a a pedestrian area of 200 square meters that will connect the Parque del Mar with the promenade of La Puntica.

The Consistory has expropriated the bar and, as it is the only element in disrepair, it will be demolished and replaced with the new pedestrian area. The budget for the Parque del Mar work is 480,000 euros and for El Coyote 100,000 euros.


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