Belgian woman sexually assaulted in Torrevieja

Belgian woman sexually assaulted in Torrevieja
Belgian woman sexually assaulted in Torrevieja

Torrevieja Civil Guard has arrested a 27 year old man of Moroccan nationality as the alleged perpetrator of a sexual assault, with penetration, on a 32 year old Belgian woman. They are also looking for several other people who took advantage of the struggle, to rob the victim.

It is alleged that the woman was walking her dog at about 6am when a man approached her and began to speak to her in several languages. She was on holiday in the town and did not understand what was said. As such she continued with her walk but the man grabbed her arm from behind and sexually assaulted her.

During the struggle, a number of other people appeared on the scene but instead of going to the assistance of the victim they took advantage of the situation to steal the mobile phone and several other items from the woman, who was in a state of total helplessness.

The woman had to be assisted by the Emergency Medical Service, after which she filed a complaint with the Civil Guard, giving a description of the alleged perpetrator of the attack, although she had not been able to see the people who committed the robbery.

As Civil Guard agents made their enquiries they also carried out surveillance of several local nightspots in the area, as it was thought that he had committed the assault when leaving one of them.

The agents managed to find several suspects, whose description was similar to that provided by the victim, eventually managing to reduce the number to one.

On carrying out a search of the alleged offender’s home they found a number of items of clothing thought to belong to the victim. The man was promptly arrested and placed at the disposal of the Court No. 3 of Torrevieja, which has detained him in custody.

However the operation still remains open as agents continue to search for the individuals who robbed the victim while the assault was taking place.


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