Torrevieja Awards “Woman 2018” and “Woman in Equality 2018”

Last years awards went to Arancha Blanco and Amalia del Río
Last years awards went to Arancha Blanco and Amalia del Río

Torrevieja’s Department of Social Welfare and Equality is encouraging residents to vote in the ‘Women 2018′ award but you only have until Tuesday 27 February, to do so.

Councillor Fabiana Ibarra, said that for the first time the award is firmly committed to equality, as the honour aims to distinguish the performances of women in a sector traditionally considered to be an area dominated by men.

Thus, the two sections this year will be: ‘Woman 2018’ that rewards women who have forged themselves a professional career, through their personal efforts and social and the award ‘Woman in Equality 2018’ that recognises women in a sector or activity where the participation of women is a minority, valuing their effort and support in overcoming sexist barriers and stereotypes.

Candidates will only be considered if they are women who are linked to the municipality of Torrevieja either because their work has had a direct impact on municipal life or because they reside or developed their social and professional activity entirely in the municipality.

Votes, which may be submitted by Torrevieja residents or by any club or municipal association, must be registered at the City Council for the attention of the Department of Social Welfare and Equality or by email The closing date for voting is tomorrow, Tuesday 27 February 2018 and the same individual or association can only vote for a maximum of three candidates.

The proposals must contain the following information:

Name of the person or persons proposed

Reason for the proposal with supporting documentation as appropriate

How the nominated individual is linked with Torrevieja

The award will consist of a commemorative plaque which will presented at a commemorative gala on 8 March, International Women’s Day.


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