Owners call for bus service for Costa Calida golf resorts

Owners call for bus service for Costa Calida golf resorts
Owners call for bus service for Costa Calida golf resorts

Together with his wife Julie, Mike Frisbee, a professional photographer from Stockport, has owned a townhouse at La Torre Golf Resort since it first opened in 2006 and although the couple don’t live there permanently, like so many other owners, they do try to get over as often as they can. 

Mike told The Leader that although La Torre has in the region of 2,650 properties, comprising of apartments, townhouses and villas, it is not served by public transport. El Valle Golf Resort, Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort and Las Terrazas de la Torre Golf Resort are all in a similar situation. Between all four resorts, there are over 6,700 properties.

For that reason Mike has started a petition on Change.org, asking for a bus stop outside the resort gates. For La Torre Golf Resort, it would mean a diversion of an existing bus route of just one kilometre. In less than 2 weeks the petition has already attracted almost 900 signatures.

Many owners have signed on the padron, which means central government allocates money for local services, which of course should include public transport. Yet the residents are not seeing the benefit of this extra funding.

Mike says that he is not suggesting a bus running through the resorts – just one that stops outside the gates, as Mar Menor Golf Resort has.

The petition calls on the management of Lycar and Latbus bus companies to provide the resorts with better public transport, for which they are already indirectly contributing.

Better public transport will enhance the area and not only benefit the owners at the resorts but also local businesses. And of course, more passengers using the buses can only be good for the bus companies.

More information is available from Mike himself by email at: info@latorre.co.uk or you can go direct to the petition and add your name at www.change.org and by searching for La Torre Golf.


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