Urgent sanitation work underway in Callosa

Urgent sanitation work underway in Callosa
Urgent sanitation work underway in Callosa

Urgent sanitation works are underway on Calle Convento and Pedro Aragonés in Callosa de Segura at a cost of 45,000 euros.

“There have been problems with the drains for a long time which have been causing a build-up of water resulting in a constant bad smell”, said the mayor, Fran Maciá. “In Calle Pedro Aragonés the council has had to place a water tank for the last 4 months which has been constantly flushing the drains in order to keep the accumulation of waste and the smells to a minimum.”

The mayor said that the problems that have arisen in terms of the sanitation are due to “almost zero maintenance of the facilities in past years” that under the terms of the contract are the responsibility of the council, so they have invested 300 thousand euros in the work and plan to continue with the renewal of the entire damaged network with periodic maintenance.

In addition to the sanitation project the council has also put in place a street asphalting plan which is being implemented in three different areas of the town with a municipal investment of 82,000 euros.


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