The Online Casino Future – with slots starring Trump

The Online Casino Future – with slots starring Trump
The Online Casino Future – with slots starring Trump

The casino industry is advancing on several levels. The UK market has increased tremendously over the last couple of year, and the next years to come seems to follow the same pattern. And as you may have noticed, new online casinos in UK is appearing every other month or so.

Why? You may ask. Well, besides what apparently is an unsaturated market, I would say technology and the way to adapt to what their customer wants. New modern slot machines are getting more and more advanced, and there isn’t that much that separate the visual effect on a slot machine from modern video games. Which is one of the reason why online casino now attracts a larger part of the common people than before.

I feel it’s quite safe to say that the online casino industry will follow other new ongoing trends within visual effects and graphics. My guess is that 3D, VR and AR will be options to choose from in your casino game browser in a future not that far away.

Another example of how online casino evolves to meet the request of the people is to be as up to date as possible, in terms of what games they offer.

Instead of the old classic fruit machines, that you might recognize from movies or your local pub, we now see games which lies more in time with today’s society. Which seems to be appreciated by most players. An example of that is how they these days release a game based on a motion pictures. As soon as the movie is up in the theatres you will soon be able to find the game in your casino browser. Which basically allow the slot machine to piggyback on the marketing of the movie.

President Trump and Kim Jon Un casino slot machine

Another perfect example is the new game “Rocket Men”. It’s based on President Trump and Kim Jong Un, and the conflict between them. And no other news, or slot, could be more relevant today. The animation has that cartoon touch, a classic within satirical art forms.

The slot features, as another game, bonus rounds and free spins. However, instead of a classic wheel of fortune on your bonus round, you’ll get to shoot rockets, spank rear ends and play with nuclear missiles. The developers have really pushed the limit to see what’s acceptable on this one. But if we have a look at the reviews it seems like the game is a success among most users. And I for one can recommend it if you enjoy political satire, on a quite low level though.

What you should keep in mind when playing at an online casino, as you probably heard before, is to play responsible. Have fun but never play for more money that you can afford to lose.