San Luis Ospreys achieve whitewash in Fed 4’s

San Luis Ospreys achieve whitewash in Fed 4's
San Luis Ospreys achieve whitewash in Fed 4's

 San Luis Bowls Club Report 09.02.18.  by Sheila Cammack.

Monday 5th February: Klingons away v VB Drivers; 8-6, shots 107-95. Winners: Kath Reid, Neil Morrison, Ian Kenyon 22-10, Margaret Morrison, Sabrina & Russell Marks 22-20, Pam Lockett, June & Keith Jones 26-15.

Trekkers home v Q Diamonds; 12-2, shots 122-90. Winners: Helen Hammond, Barry Roseveare, Scott Malden 31-11, Beryl Regan, Allen Bowen, Suzi Cooper 15-14, Shirley Verity, Jo & Jules Pering 23-5, Irene Everett, Barry Edwards, Vic Slater 19-13, Ros Holmes, Peter Fuller, Derrick Cooper 23-16.

Romulans away v CB Flamingos; 5-9, 90 shots-131. Pat Barnes, Ralph Jones, Harry Epsom 22-17, Lyndon Johnson, Geoff Francis, Danny McErlean 16-16, William Holtham, Bob Bruce, Malcolm Ayton 21-8.

Vulcans home v Q Rubies; 6-8, 98shots-115. Winners: Ray Watmough, Derek Barker, Dave Steadman 20-16, James Wright, Margaret Clarke, Geoff Shand 22-14, Denis Jackson, Kevin Hull, Drew Russell 25-15.

Wednesday 7th Winter League away v San Miguel; 8-4, shots 79-70. Winners: Lynne Morris, June Jones, Peter McEneany, Keith Jones 14-11, Shirley Verity, Ray Clarke, Jules Pering, Russell Marks 20-10, Irene Everett, Jo Pering, Brian Pocock, Tom Hill 17-11.

FED 4’s: Thursday 8th , Ospreys home v SM Mohawks; 8-0, shots 50-36.5. Winners: Shirley Verity, Jo Pering, Giuseppe Galelli, Roy Cordell 18-17, William Holtham, Sheila Cammack, Neil Morrison, Ian Kenyon 17-7.5, Allen Bowen, Pam Lockett, Suzi Cooper, Scott Malden 15-12. Condors home v MM Lords, 6-2, 54 shots-42. Winners: Bill Webb, Margaret & Ray Clarke, Brian Pocock 23-13, Sally Cordell, Mags Haines, Mike Regan, Vic Slater 18-13.

Friday 9th Lions home v VB Picadors 14-0, 136 points-72. Winners: Bob White, Sheila Cammack, Giuseppe Galelli 22-15, Colin Jackson, Keith Phillips, Mal Hughes 21-12, Steve Simmons, Ray Pollock, Roy Cordell 24-11, Janet McEneany, Ann Holland, Peter McEneany 17-15, Pam Lockett, Ray Clarke, Tom Hill 24-12, Kath Reid, Neil Morrison, Ian Kenyon 28-7.

Tigers away v GL Oaks, 4-10, 93-105. Winners: Irene Everett. Mike Smith, Vic Slater 19-14, Jan Pocock, Les Bedford, Brian Pocock 21-18.

Leopards home v Q Swans, 10-4. 114-106 Audrey Ford, Margaret Clarke, Charlie Marigold 21-8, Ray Watmough, Marie Henley, Dave Steadman 16-11, James Wright, Derek Barker, Bob Bromley 21-15, Chris Jackson, Sue Ross, Drew Russell 24-22.

Sad news this week; the death of a San Luis member: Albert Jackson & also Bill Young, a member of Monte Mar BC – we will miss them. Our condolences to family and friends.

Club information:  or contact June Jones, Captain: 691 903 773.


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