Driver decapitated in La Manga traffic accident

Driver decapitated in La Manga traffic accident
Driver decapitated in La Manga traffic accident

A driver was decapitated early on Sunday morning when he lost control of his vehicle while driving down the Gran Vía from La Manga to Cabo de Palos.

After losing control the driver is said to have hit a wall before overturning the car. A spokesman for the San Javier Local Police said that the driver was not wearing a seatbelt, as a result of which he was thrown from the car which, during the collision, crushed and decapitated him.

A resident at the local Eurovosa development heard the crash and quickly alerted 112 of the incident in which he reported that “only one vehicle was involved.”

When arriving at the scene agents said that they were shocked at the circumstances when verifying the state of the lifeless body.

They said that they immediately covered the corpse and the remains that were on the adjacent pavement so that anyone passing by was not able to witness such a scene.

The incident was also attended by a Civil Guard patrol, firefighters and paramedica who could only certify the death of the driver.

The accident occurred on an urban road where speed is limited to 50 kilometres per hour. The Local Police, however, suspect that “the driver was travelling much faster”. In addition, they said that there was “practically no evidence of braking as the Mazda car smashed the wall in the force of the collision.”

Police are now in contact with the Embassy of Poland in efforts to find out the identity of the victim, who was carrying no identification, as the Mazda had a Polish registration plate.

The corpse which was transferred to the Anatomical Forensic Institute of Cartagena was said to be unrecognisable.


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