Álvarez emphasises the importance to Orihuela of FITUR

Álvarez emphasises the importance to Orihuela of FITUR
Álvarez emphasises the importance to Orihuela of FITUR

Following an assessment of the presence of the Orihuela Tourist Office at FITUR, the International Tourism Fair held recently in Madrid, where seven different tourist opportunities of the municipality were presented to visitors, the Councillor for Tourism Sofía Álvarez, said that she and her staff were absolutely delighted at the outcome and the positive indications for the future.

She said the result has been “very satisfactory with Orihuela now extremely well positioned in the world of tourism, something for which we are working, with the aim of continuing to expand on the 20% growth in visitors that our municipality has enjoyed “.

One important initiative that was introduced at FITUR was that of local gastronomy, “highlighting the value of our regional produce through cooking demonstrations and wine tasting, in addition to a thematic dinner which was held in collaboration with the Diputación de Alicante, and attended by many national personalities from the gastronomic sector,” said Alvarez.

“We were also able to attract the attention of tour operators and many large companies that are dedicated to positioning holidaymakers and events in the municipalities”, and there is an Orihuela proposal to host the first national congress of UNESCO in traditional cuisine.

There was also a draw for a free weekend for two people in Orihuela which was won by José Alonso Rufo, from Madrid, who can now enjoy “a cultural and gastronomic experience” in Orihuela.


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