Prosecutor to investigate strange coloration of the Segura River

Travelling through the city of mUrcia
Travelling through the city of mUrcia

The Association for the Conservation and Heritage of Murcia (Huermur) denounced the Segura Hydrographic Confederation (CHS) to Seprona last August. As it passed through the city of Murcia here was evidence a large number of dead fish as well as the appearance of a considerable amount of white foam. The colour of the river had also turned a very dark green

As a result of their complaint the Prosecutor’s Office has notified Huermur that it has opened an investigation due to the poor state of Segura as it passes through the region.

A spokesman for the Conservation group has now said that following the Prosecutor’s action, they expect the administrations to work together rather more effectively in order to address the serious state of the river.

Last November, this association also denounced the CHS after the river had turned “chocolate green” in Murcia and a few days ago they complained that it is completely black as it passes through Orihuela.

Huermur has said that that they will be complaining to the Civil Guard and the Prosecutor’s Office once again after more quantities of white foam appeared on Sunday night, adding to that of just two weeks ago.

They say that the explanation offered by the Segura Hydrographic Confederation whenever white foam or dead fish appear, or the water turns green, is nonsense.

The president of Huermur, Sergio Pacheco said: “Given that the respective administrations seem unable to tackle the problems of the Segura, it is now up to the Attorney to get to the bottom of the matter and to put an end to these unacceptable situations.”


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