Trip to El Rancho proves fruitful for Vistabella in Voyager League

Trip to El Rancho proves fruitful for Vistabella in Voyager League
Trip to El Rancho proves fruitful for Vistabella in Voyager League

Vistabella Bowls Report With Lynne Bishop.

SAL Enterprise league, the Albatrosses had a bad day at the office…namely Quesada. Only one team won and another seizing a draw on the last end! S Kemp, C Watkins & M Furness 34-7…Great! N Burrows, A Brown & B Zelin 20-20 well done. Shots, VB 101(3) – 123(11) Q.

The Drivers at home vs San Miguel Meteors were more than happy with their result of five wins. K Hardy, B Pointon & C Thorpe 26-7. F Barclay, B Corbishly & L Barber 16-11. D Leggatt, Mo & Martin Foulcer 21-18. P Rafferty, A Leggatt & Pat Rafferty 19-16. P Ray, J Neve & G Thorpe 19-16. Shots, VB 119(12) – 87(2) SM.

Playing their re-arranged away game vs Quesada Pearls the next day they suffered on all rinks! Shots, VB 89(0) -118(14) Q. A good week for the Pearls taking both of our teams to the cleaners!

Voyager league Eagles away to El Rancho had the right idea, they had five wins and a drawn game, well done to S Kirk, M Irwin & T French 26-8. R Savage, K Savage & A Kendall 20-14. S Guy, D Graham & P Cadwell 18-14. P Tomkins, R Hudson & Penny Tomkins 15-13 and K Rennison, S Dibble & R Pownall 16-16. Shots, VB 109(11) – 83(3) ER.

WINTER LEAGUE. Home vs Bonalba and a great result. G Fisher, M Foulcer, C Thorpe & Gordon Fisher 23-7. L Watkins, S Burrows, P Whitehall & E Bishop 19-12. L Bishop, C Watkins, B Norris & M Furness 15-9. S Kemp, T French, B Zelin & G Thorpe 19-12. Shots 86(19) – 59(2) B.

S Kirk, P Tomkins, S Norris & Penny Tomkins had a good win for the BERLEEN 23-10.

FED 4’s. The Vikings away to San Luis Ospreys. One win with the other two rinks losing on the last end…such bad luck. Winning team, G Fisher, P Ray, G Thorpe & Gordon Fisher 20-15. Shots, VB 51(3) – 51(5) SL.

SOUTHERN LEAGUE. Div A. Lanzadores away to San Miguel Pulsars. Two wins from the teams of L Bishop, C Watkins & P Whitehall 22-8. S Kemp, B Norris & B Zelin 18-15. Shots, VB 89(4) – 114(10) S M.

Picadors away to La Marina Ospreys had one win from F Barclay, A Leggatt & L Barber 20-17. Two team lost by one shot! Shots, VB 81(2) – 137(12) L M.

Conquistadores div C at home vs MonteMar Toreadors had three wins, well done to the teams of S Kirk, P Cadwell & M Blight 27-7. I Irwin, M Irwin & T French 22-13. R Smith, D & J Harwood 17-7. Shots, VB 97(8) – 90(6) MM.


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