Family-Friendly Things To Do In Costa Blanca On A Budget

The beach in Torrevieja

Alongside the typical overpriced package holidays available in Spain, there are countless family-friendly things to do in Costa Blanca on a budget. From going snorkelling at Tabarca and exploring life below the water to touring around The Santa Barbara Castle or simply spending a day at a beach equipped with multiple facilities suitable for both you and your family, there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

If you’re heading on holiday abroad, and you face a financial emergency, then you may be able to apply for an online payday loan to provide you with the monetary assistance that you urgently require. However, ensuring that you budget in place for your holiday, and have a savings fund in place, can help to ensure that you have the holiday of a lifetime, without any worries! Below, we explore the top family-friendly things to do in Costa Blanca on a budget.

Go Snorkelling At Tabarca

If you are seeking family-friendly things to do in the Costa Blanca on a budget, why not go snorkelling around the stunning Isla Tabarca or Tabarca Island? Situated off the coast of the Costa Blanca, this island boasts marine life you will struggle to find elsewhere unless you know exactly what you are doing, including octopus, red mullet and sea bass.

Not only is this location along the sunny coast the perfect location for a family day trip, but should you decide to explore the beautiful Tabarca, you can venture around the small fishing village which is the perfect place to taste some of the best local cuisine.

Explore The Santa Barabara Castle

Located at the very top of Benacantil Mountain, The Santa Barabara Castle is a must-visit when in Alicante. Situated 166 meters above sea level, not only will you be able to see almost the entire bay of Alicante when visiting this iconic castle, but by embarking on a private tour, you will enter exciting places that are currently closed to the public, including the dungeons, and other memorable experiences for just 2.00!

Once you have completed your tour, you can have lunch in the Castle restaurant. We strongly suggest trying out the paella!

Terra Mitica Amusement Park

If walking around a castle doesn’t sound like it will entertain your little ones for very long, why not visit the Terra Mitica Amusement Park instead? This magnificent theme park is divided into five themed zones, which are: Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia and the Islands. Opened in 2000, the park now boasts an array of popular water rides including Giant Splash, Log Flume and Rapids as well as numerous roller coasters, including the heart pounding ZacSpin Coaster. Better yet, you can get admission to this amusement park for as little as €28.00, so you certainly won’t be breaking the bank for a day full of family fun!

Go To The Beach!

With more than 200km of beaches to choose from, why not go to the beach for an inexpensive family day out in Costa Blanca? Many of the beaches you can go to in Costa Banca are equipped with free facilities such as toilets, play areas, lifeguards, beach-side bars and restaurants so you can enjoy watching your loved one’s splash around safely while you enjoy sipping a cocktail watching the sunset beyond the horizon. Playa de Levante, Playa de San Juan and Cala Ambolo are just three of the most favoured Costa Blanca beaches across the board. Priceless fun in the sun!

Visit The Algar Waterfalls

For just €5.00 between June and October, why not visit the iconic Algar Waterfalls? Whatever you do, be sure to bring a swim suit, towel and a dry change of clothes! Though the areas surrounding the waterfalls can be slippery, so small children may struggle, it is still a great place to visit, which is why so many families embark on the journey along the river each year starting in the small town of Callosa d’En Sarria. Just don’t forget to take sunscreen along with you!

There are numerous fun family activities on the Costa Blanca suitable for those who want to stick to a budget. From going on a snorkelling adventure in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea to going on a road trip to Terra Mitica Amusement Park which attracts thousands of tourists every year, there is something that your entire family can enjoy, for less.




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