La Glea fence restored around protected area

La Glea fence restored around protected area
La Glea fence restored around protected area

The Town Hall of Orihuela completes the works of restoration of the fence in the dune of the beach of La Glea

 The city councillor for the environment, Miguel Ángel Fernández, and the city councillor for beaches and coordinated services on the coast, Luisa Boné, monitored this week the last work of installing the wooden fence in the dune on the beach of La Glea.

The city councillor Fernández emphasized “that this renewal was necessary, because the previous fence was in a very bad condition and worsened by the course of time and the recent storms, which of course also causes the dune to decay and thus the loss of sand.” In this sense, the new fence fulfils “its function in that pedestrians can not enter the protected area and thus contribute to the preservation of the dune”.

The city councillor Boné, in turn, said that “the dunes are the best defense against storms that erode the coast, and so it is important that we keep them in the best possible condition. If we allow further decay, we could risk a progressive process of loss of sand which also provokes environmental damage caused by the reduction of the flora and fauna of this area.”

The work consisted in the renovation and installation of a fence covering the entire circumference of the dunes (2010 running metres), with a wooden fence made of round timber, a material that respects the environment. This project cost € 12,075 including VAT.



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