Improved uniforms and equipment for Benejúzar Local Police

Improved uniforms and equipment for Benejúzar Local Police
Improved uniforms and equipment for Benejúzar Local Police

Benejúzar Local Police of has made new uniforms available to all of its agents. Similar to those already in use a number of technical changes to the uniforms make them more appropriate to the police needs with a more modern and safer image.

The administration has also acquired a number of bullet-proof vests which will be mage available to officers as required until such time as each agent can be issued with his own. They are made with the latest materials and of excellent quality.

All of the shirts and sweaters will bear the name of the municipality. The new uniformity now provides safety, durability and comfort, and is adapted to the physical conditions of each agent.

The bulletproof vests have inner and outer protected layers of the same colour as the current uniform, with a high level of ballistic and knife protection similar to that of other security bodies.

Communications and transmitters in the municipality have also been upgraded with each agent receiving a new state-of-the-art technology system, which guarantees 100% coverage across the whole of the municipality, providing an additional guarantee of security for both the public and the police.

The aim of the City Council is to provide a better and a completely renewed corporate image, closer to the European security requirements.

The mayor, Antonio Bernabé, highlighted the important investment that the council has undertaken with the acquisition of this specialised material, which will improve the work of the agents and will result in a far better service for citizens. He also ensured that he will continue to invest in improvements.


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