Rojales Pantomime group Present.  ‘Ali Baba and the forty thieves’

Rojales Pantomime group
Rojales Pantomime group

Do go along to this excellent show; take a child-preferably one you know! Or just be a child yourself for the evening and let the Rojales Pantomime Group transport you to the world of the Arabian Nights to meet Ali Baba and a host of magical characters, including a dancing camel and Yousless from YMCA.

Ali Baba is a traditional pantomime for children of all ages with lots of fun for the family. When our Hero Ali Baba and his faithful friend Margarina discover a cave full of treasure they think they are going to be rich. Unfortunately the treasure belongs to the notorious and evil Desert Fox and his forty thieves.

There are lots of goodies in the show, the cast throw sweets ‘a good selling point that predates health and safety regulations,’ they sing songs and crack jokes. There are even some real children in the cast from Essence Dance and fitness who do a confident job with their dance numbers.

Ali Baba would not be complete without magic and the Genie will be characterised by Norman Love with the Dame played by Dave Allen.

Cheer the Hero’s, boo the bad guys, chuckle at the jokes and sing along with the songs at the Escela de Musica Los Montesinos January 11th, 12th, evening performance with matinee 2.30pm Saturday 13th.

Money raised goes to local charities.

Enquires and ticket reservations Christine 678 212 034 email.



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