Orihuela Police make two new arrests

The local police checkpoint

The Special Citizen Security Group (GESC) of the Orihuela Local Police made two arrests over the Christmas holiday after a car attempted to evade a routine checkpoint.

The events took place last Tuesday evening at a checkpoint on la calle Ramón Sijé when agents noticed a vehicle that promptly changed direction as it spotted the police control, wuickly turning into a side street and speeding away.

The agents chased and intercepted the vehicle, after which they escorted it to the control area where they discovered three large boxes in the boot, filled with marijuana plants.

After their identification, the driver and his companion were arrested and transferred to the National Police Station along with the vehicle and the confiscated merchandise.

After the official count, it was confirmed that there were over 550 plants in the vehicle which were to be used in further cultivation.


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