OriLeaks site reveals council secrets

OriLeaks site reveals council secrets
OriLeaks site reveals council secrets

Orihuela residents who are interested in local politics might like to take a look at a new website managed by the PSOE, Orileaks, which can be found at www.gruposocialistaorihuela.com/orileaks

OriLeaks is an online platform created by the Socialist Group to provide citizens with information that the PP government of Emilio Bascuñana does not want to publish.

Although not as comprehensive as the party would have you believe you will nevertheless find basic details of council expenses, motoring sanctions, travel and accommodation, details of payments to suppliers, protocol, advertising and propaganda, as well as those of many activities of which the City Council no longer publishes information. The information can be filtered or sorted by date, subject or amount.

In addition, the site also carries information from the office of the Municipal Socialist Group. 

The site is in Spanish but even if you cannot speak the language there are lots of good translation sites around that make the information provided extremely interesting.


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