Orihuela diver dies on Guardamar fish farm

Orihuela diver dies on Guardamar fish farm
Orihuela diver dies on Guardamar fish farm

The Comisiones Obreras trade unión (CC OO) has called for an immediate investigation into the death of a professional diver at a fish farm in Guardamar on Wednesday.

The diver, a 34 year old family man from Orihuela, swam to the surface with his mask full of water but suffering from with convulsions, where colleagues pulled him from the sea, but he died while being transferred to the land.

While the CC OO has urged the authorities to investigate the accident and improve safety the remainder of the co-workers did not work today, Friday, as a sign of solidarity

The diver was apparently carrying out routine maintenance on a cage with the union saying that a lack of surveillance was partly to blame for his death. They say that companies need to review their safety regulations in underwater activities.

According to witnesses, the diver suddenly appeared on the surface with his mask full of water and suffering from convulsions. His comrades jumped into the water and rescued him. They quickly transferred him to a safety boat and called 112 as they were moving him to the land.

Unfortunately he died whilst being moved with health personnel only able to certify his death when they took over.

The Civil Guard were informed and have now opened their own investigation into the matter. They will report their findings to the Labour Inspectorate.

The majority of the Culmarex Group’s fish farm staff made the decision not to dive today, Friday, in protest of the accident and in memory of their deceased companion “.

CC OO says that what happened yesterday, “once again shows the intolerable level of accidents in the professional diving sector and in marine aquaculture at the state level where the working conditions in the sector have been deteriorating for years.”

In recent years, fish farms have become a growing sector in the Vega Baja but their safety procedures have not been kept up to date with their growth according to the CC OO.

They say that “the Ministerial Order is out of date and its revision is necessary to update it in accordance with the technical progress that diving has achieved and to bring it in line with the rest of safety and health regulations at work. The authorities have turned a deaf ear to the union demand with the tragic consequences that today are again evident “.


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