Farmer drowns while installing fencing

Farmer drowns while installing fencing
Farmer drowns while installing fencing

The installation of a fence ended in tragedy on Friday when San Javier Local Police confirmed the death of a farmer who fell into an irrigation reservoir in El Mirador while he was erecting fencing.

JJE, a 55-year-old Spaniard, was installing a fence on the farm, along with his son and a Moroccan labourer, when he accidentally ended up in the water.

The man, according to the police, “could not swim and although his 22 year old son dived into the water to try to rescue him, neither he nor the Moroccan citizen could pull him out.

The emergency services received several calls alerting them of the accident at 15.47 hours. It was attended by firefighters who used the services of a family friend, a diver, who went into the reservoir and located the body of the farmer.

Civil Protection tried to resuscitate JJE without success. His son was treated for hypothermia while other relatives were also treated for shock.


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