Strong winds causing havoc in Province

Strong winds causing havoc in Province
Strong winds causing havoc in Province

Members of the Provincial Fire Brigade have had to intervene in at least half a dozen incidents in the province of Alicante this morning due to strong winds, one of which involved a large signalling sign which fell onto the carriageway of the A-31 motorway, causing severe tailbacks.

The sign is said to have come detached at km 463.5 of the motorway where it passes through the town of Ibi.

The Civil Guard had to divert vehicles off the motorway and through the town so as to ease the build-up of traffic while the firefighters from the Ibi station joined highway maintenance staff to disassemble and removed the damaged signage.

The disruption lasted about an hour, so now the traffic is once again operating normally.

There were further problems in Alcoy, where a branch from a tree fell on the power line that runs through the town’s fairground car park.

Less serious have been the interventions carried out in Muro de Alcoy , with the detachment of a corrugated sheet from a roof of a factory, and in Torrevieja, where an awning crashed to the ground narrowly missing passers-by.


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