Speed cameras for N-332 accident black spots

Speed cameras for N-332 accident black spots
Speed cameras for N-332 accident black spots

A new speed camera has been located on the N332 by the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) at Km 54 as it passes through Torrevieja, at the site which is said to be one of the very worst accident black spots in the whole of Spain.

The stretch of road at which the camera is aimed is the single carriageway section from the CV 95 (Direction San Miguel) along to the Quironsalud hospital, approximately 8kms. Since November 2014 there has been a continuous double line to improve safety and control speed.

The speed limit along the road is 80km, although with drivers joining from a dual carriageway that enjoys a limit of 100 km per hr, it is rarely adhered to.

In June 2016 further calming measures were introduced with the installation of solar powered warning signals, at a cost of 24,000 euros, and although this seems to have reduced the number of serious accidents it has unfortunately seen an increase in minor collisions.

Many people say that in view of the number of cars that use the road, on average over 40,000 a day throughout the year, this is hardly surprising, and the installation of radar is unlikely to have any effect. The road has a lack of capacity, particularly during the summer months, when motorists often suffer from total gridlock, and it’s the improvements to the carriageway that need to be addressed rather than tinkering around with minor remedies.

But with Fomento now drafting the 40 million euro project which will convert the stretch from single to dual carriageway by the end of 2019, it is hoped that the resolution to both the congestion and the accident problem is not too far ‘down the road’.

The DGT has also positioned a similar radar camera on the N-332 as it passes through Gran Alacant, in the direction of Santa Pola, said to have been installed to address a similar problem of speeding and accidents.


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