Unwelcome results and temperatures at San Luis

Unwelcome results and temperatures at San Luis
Unwelcome results and temperatures at San Luis


This week as temperatures dropped we had some unwelcome results and the first rain – affected match of the season; frustrating for us but any water must be welcome to the Spanish farmers.

Monday 27th: South Alicante Bowls: SL Klingons away v Q Pearls; a very close fought match 8-6, shots 102-102. Winners: Janet McEneany, Ann Holland, Peter McEneany 21-12, Sheila Cammack, Bob White, Ray Clarke 17-14, Margaret Morrison, Sabrina & Russell Marks 25-17, Steve Simmons, Neil Morrison, Ian Kenyon 16-16.

SL Trekkers; not an easy game at home v GL Maples 6-8, shots 98-122. Winners: Helen Hammond, Barry Roseveare, Scott Malden 24-28, Marina Beardsall, Barry Edwards, Brian Pocock 23-23, Ros Holmes, Bill Webb, Mike Regan 18-13.

SL Vulcans, a good result home v CB Flamingos, 11-3, 119 shots-97. Winners: Walter Lang, Margaret Clarke, Drew Russell 21-9, Doug & Fay Beattie, Geoff Shand 26-15, Chris Jackson, Marie Henley, Dave Steadman 21-13, Robin Harker, Dave Tilley, Caz Blay 21-15, Derek Barker, Brenda Brown, Ray Watmough 20-20.

SL Romulans, home v El Rancho Raiders, a better result this week 5-9, shots 93-132. Winners: Chris Phillips, Geoff Francis, Terry Baylis 22-22, Tony Davies, Marion Davies, Joe Millis 16-15, Roger Inwards, Rhys Davies, Tom Fromson 22-20.

Wednesday 29th Winter League away v Emerald Isle, match was washed out: replay Thursday 7th December 1:30/2:00.

Friday 1st December Southern League: SL Lions, home v Mazarron Mariners, an excellent result 12-2, shots 130-82. Mal’s team pulled back for a win and Peter’s team was so close on the last end but just missed out. Well done everyone, winners: Colin Jackson, Keith Phillips, Mal Hughes 22-20, Steve Simmons, Neil Morrison, Ian Kenyon 22-11, Sheila Cammack, Ray Clarke, Giuseppe Galelli 25-12, Pam Lockett, June & Keith Jones 25-7, Margaret Morrison, Ann Holland, Roy Cordell 21-12.

SL Tigers, away v HO Royals, and battling against strong winds, this was not the result we were hoping for 0-14, 78 shots-113.

SL Leopards; as expected a very tough match, away v Manga Crusaders; and the Leopards had their spots knocked off by the Crusaders finishing 0-14, 59 shots-170.

SL Pumas home v Q Swans; a close game 6-8, 96shots-102. Winners: Chris Phillips, Geoff Francis, Albert Jackson 17-12, Pat Baylis, Mario Cavilla, Phil Hasler 22-18, Pat Barnes, Ralph Jones, Harry Epsom 14-13.

Club information: www.sanluisbowls.byethost7.com or contact June Jones, Club Captain: 691903773.

Sheila Cammack.


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