“Cinder-Hella” for the Deadwood Stahe Company

"Cinder-Hella" could just be the tonic to brighten up a February evening

Rehearsals are now steaming ahead for the next production from the Deadwood Stage Company.

“Cinder-Hella”, a comedy play written and directed by David Whitney will be performed on Fri/Sat/Sun 9th/10th/11th February at The Mad House. Tiro de Picho Pueblo Principe, Villa Costa.

The show starts at 8pm and the 6 Euro Tickets are available from The Mad House, Reach Out Charity Torrevieja and also Cast Members.

Not to be confused with a traditional panto, this comedy play is more suitable for adult audiences. David would describe it as “A comedy of Love, Hate, Greed, Jealousy. Laughter, Tears, Sex, Song and Dance. In fact the ‘Pantomime’ we all call life”.

The rehearsal photo shows a very fraught moment in the show which aptly shows some of the aforementioned emotions coming to a head.

If you are looking for an evening of  laughter then “Cinder-Hella” could just be the tonic to brighten up a February evening.


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