Christmas Cheer from HELP at Home CB

Christmas Cheer from HELP at Home CB
Christmas Cheer from HELP at Home CB

As the Christmas Festivities draw closer, one certain way of getting into the spirit of the season is to get yourselves a proper Santa hat.

But instead of nipping into your local Chinese emporium and putting the cash into the pockets of traders why not call into the HELP at Home CB shop in Playa Flamenca where Papa Noel, in the guise of Guardia Civil Officer Francisco Morales, dropped off a shipment earlier in the week.

The hats are available for a donation of whatever you choose to pay. There is no fixed price but however much you do decide to give you can do so in the knowledge that your contribution will be put to good use in bringing a little Christmas cheer to those families and individuals who are not in a position to provide it for themselves.

So drop in to HELP at Home CB, put a smile on your own face with the purchase and make a difference to someone who really will appreciate a helping hand this Christmas.


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