Controversy over demolition of Vicente Garcia grandstand

Despite returning to the stadium this year the main stand remains closed
Despite returning to the stadium this year the main stand remains closed

The PP says that it wants to demolish without prior report and the government team that is endorsed by the technicians

Partido Popular Councillor Sandra Sanchez, has criticised that the decision of the Torrevieja council to demolish the covered grandstand and changing rooms of the municipal football stadium, Vicente García, saying that it has been taken “without considering the recommendations of a municipal technical report”, which recommends that a thorough assessment be carried out to study in detail the options with regard to both demolition or possible repair.

She said that there is no report that indicates a need  for demolition and that all inspections carried out to date have been cosmetic and carried out visually without going into any structural detail.

In Sanchez’s opinion it is necessary to contract a specialised company to carry out a structural analysis before any decisions can be made. She further stated that the cost of demolition would be 178.357.76 euros.

Government sources, however, have said that there is a need for demolition which is covered and justified in a number of technical reports.

Councillor for Sport, Víctor Ferrández, said that it was the PP councillor, Luisma Pizana in 2014 who requested the first report on the condition of the stands, at which time the municipal surveyor urged that it be closed citing a number of serious deficiencies to the structure.

The councillor said that the stand, which was built in the early seventies, was never legalised so repairing it, and then making it legal would cost more than its demolition and any subsequent rebuild.


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