The Biggest Payouts Ever In Gambling

The Biggest Payouts Ever In Gambling
The Biggest Payouts Ever In Gambling

When it comes to gambling, be it on sports in a land based or online casino or even the national lottery, everybody dreams of winning big. Some people have won big off of small stakes with plenty of luck involved, others have risked a lot to gain a lot. However it happens, people do win huge amounts of cash on a regular basis in a variety of ways that goes on to be life changing. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest gambling wins ever recorded and just how they came about.

As you’d expect, a lot of the biggest land based casino wins have come from the home of casinos and that’s Las Vegas, Nevada. When it comes to gambling, you can’t get any better than the Las Vegas Strip and back in 2000 a cocktail waitress named Cynthia Brennan managed to walk away with just under $35 million, the largest Megabucks jackpot win of all time. Megabucks is a state wide lottery jackpot slot and this instantly turned her into a high roller.

These days most people are playing at mobile and online casinos like, or rather than actually visiting one. It’s common for players to play progressive jackpot games in the hope of cashing out the huge prize money and that’s just what happened for a man from Finland back in 2013. He was playing NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slot game staking 25 cents. He managed to activate the bonus feature which saw him walk away with a staggering $24 million. That’s a huge amount of profit from the original 25 cents.

When people win the lottery it’s well documented around the world by the media. Lottery wins actually get more recognition than any other sort of gambling success and with many countries around the globe hosting a lottery on a regular basis, there have been a lot of big winners over the years. The biggest single win though was a ticket sold to a woman in Chicopee, Massachusetts. The 53-year-old walked away with a cool $758.7 million and immediately quit her job.

Most people who gamble on sports will have placed an accumulator or two in their time, hoping their small stake will return a huge amount of profit. For most people it’s always a case of one leg letting them down but back in 2011 in the UK, a plumbing engineer by the name of Steve Whiteley managed to upset the odds by collecting a £1.45 million return off of a £2 stake. The horse racing enthusiast had selected all 6 winners on the Exeter Tote Jackpot from UK and Irish meetings. What was remarkable was the fact he had two 16/1 winners and two 12/1 winners in his winning acca.

So, when people day gambling doesn’t say and you never win big, the proof is there for all to see. People may not win millions very often but if somebody has luck on their side who knows what could happen. The best wins are always those coming off of small stakes and the amounts won really can be life changing.


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