Torrevieja Police torture trial suspended for 5th time

Six men accused of kidnapping in Torrevieja
Six men accused of kidnapping in Torrevieja

The Provincial Court of Alicante, based in Elche, has suspended once again the trial of five local policemen from Torrevieja who were accused of torturing two detainees who were caught while robbing a policemen’s house.

The suspension of the trial was ordered after witnesses and victims of the crimes failed to appear in court to provide their evidence. The two individuals concerned are said to have left the country.

The session was called to a halt in just a few minutes

The one matter that was discussed during the proceedings was the defence team’s failure to recognise the charges which they now want dismissed, since 11 years have passed since the events are said to have taken place in 2006.

The officers insist that the injuries sustained by the detainees whilst in custody were accidental and not as a consequence of any violence.

However, in his opening statement, prior to the suspension of the trial, the prosecutor asked for combined prison sentences of 24 years for the agents who he said assaulted and threatened two people who they caught stealing from an officer’s home.

The judge confirmed that attempts would be made to locate the individuals who are now thought to be in the USA and Columbia.


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