Guardia make 14 arrests in Almoradí

Guardia make 14 arrests in Almoradí
Guardia make 14 arrests in Almoradí

Alicante’s Guardia Civil has arrested 14 people in Almoradí: 12 men and 2 women, of Spanish and Moroccan nationalities, and aged between 19 and 48-years, for eight crimes of burglary in homes, six of theft from vehicles, and the crime of belonging to a criminal organization.

They say that the gang has been operating in the area for many months during which time they stole from homes, warehouses and vehicles. They also sold drugs the many of the clients that came to them to purchase the stolen items.

Among the objects recovered following the arrests are eight televisions, 14 mobile phones, two tablets, three cameras, two video consoles, a video camera, a DVD player, a laptop, three digital satellite signal decoders; construction machinery, an electric generator, two air compressors, two radial cutting machines, a mixer, a drill, plus four bicycles, two swords, an electric pistol and 1 coin collection all of which are valued at more than 10,000 euros.

They also seized 2,010 euros together with a large quantity of drugs.

The robberies are said to have taken place in the towns of Almoradí, Callosa de Segura, San Fulgencio and Formentera del Segura.

Many of the gang’s robberies are said to have been tailored to order including the theft of a generator valued at 2,000 euros as well as a macaw and a yaco parrot.

All of those arrested appeared in court on Monday following which one, a 32 year old Moroccan,  was detained in custody whilst the others were all released on bail.


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