Nightmare on grass for Vistabella Conquistadores

Nightmare on grass for Vistabella Conquistadores
Nightmare on grass for Vistabella Conquistadores

Vistabella Bowls Report With Lynne Bishop

SAL ENTERPRISE LEAGUE. The Albatrosses at home v San Miguel Meteors had a great 12 point win. L Bishop, S Norris & B Dunn 27-5. L Watkins, S Allman & G Fisher 29-9. S Kemp, C Watkins & M Furness 24-7. N Burrows, A Brown & E Bishop 19-9. S Broadhurst, P Whitehall & B Zelin 22-19. Shots, VB 132 – 67 SM.

The Drivers away to La Siesta Apollo’s won 6 points from the teams of M Foulcer, A Leggatt & Martin Foulcer 22-13. K Hardy, D Howard & B Corbishly 18-15 and D Gunning, J Neve & L Barber 15-12. Shots, VB 97-111 LS.

VOYAGER LEAGUE. The Eagles away to San Luis Romulans picked up 6 points from the teams of D Graham, S Kirk & D Stevenson 23-18. M Irwin, J Strachan & T French 24-6 and I Irwin, R Smith & A Kendall 17-11.Shots, VB 95-120 SL.

WINTER LEAGUE. A stiff home game against Benitachell, our side was not up to scratch on this occasion, two teams just fell over the winning line. L Bishop, T French, B Norris & M Furness 16-15 and M Foulcer, L Barber, C Thorpe & G Fisher 15-14. Shots, VB 71(4)-89(8) BBC. A return to better form next week? The Berleen unfortunately lost by just one shot.

SOUTHERN LEAGUE Div A. The Lanzadores excelled with a 12 point win at home v La Marina Ospreys…that’s a very good result! L Watkins, B Norris & K Cuthbert 23-12. G Fisher, S Norris & Gordon Fisher 23-14. M Burrows, S Allman & E Bishop 18-11. S Whitehall, S Broadhurst & B Dunn 16-14. L Bishop, C Watkins & P Whitehall 13-12. Shots, VB 107-81 LM.

Picadors at home v San Luis Lions. Two winning rinks for 4 points. K Hardy, B Pointon & C Thorpe 19-17. D Leggatt, Mo & Martin Foulcer 14-13. Shots, VB 88 – 110 SL…the Lions are always a tough nut to crack.

Div C Conquistadores had a nightmare on the grass at La Manga playing the Crusaders, the teams lost on all Rinks. Shots VB 64-170 La Manga. You’re not the first to suffer and you won’t be the last…but you have got the return fixture to look forward to!


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