The Top 9 Smartphone Deals On Today!


This list is a collection of the best top 9 smartphone deals of today on, and don’t worry if you catch this article late, the products are still a great pickup and they are probably still reduced, but hurry the best deals are snatched up by the early birds! This is the order of items in this list:

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The Top 9 Smartphone Deals On Today!



  1. Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB (*13% off*) 799,00 EUR

Although this iPhone is only 13% off, it’s a new iPhone and a good one, so we think this is a great deal!

top smartphone deals


2. Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB (*20% off*) 529,99 EUR

This is a great deal, on a great phone. It’s a powerful, fast and impressive phone!top smartphone deals

3.Huawei P8 Lite (*31% off*)

A very impressive deal. It is a slightly older phone but it is still powerful, fast and brilliantly designed.

 top smartphone deals

 4. Xiaomi Redmi 4X 3GB+32GB (*20% off*) 123,99 EUR

This is a very powerful phone. It has a massive 3GB of RAM and a good 32GB of storage. A powerful phone, with a nice design.

top smartphone deals

5. Xiaomi Mi 6 6GB RAM 128GB (*18% off*) 399,99 EUR

This is a very powerful and good priced phone! 6GB of ram and a massive 128GB of storage!

top smartphone deals

6. Oneplus 5 8GB RAM 128GB (*11% off*) 619,00 EUR

This is amazingly powerful. It has a massive 8GB of ram and a massive 128GB of storage!

 top 9 smartphone deals

7. Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus 4GB RAM 64GB Storage (*23% off*) 569,99 EUR

This is a beautiful phone, there is no denying it! It is breathtakingly powerful and has a load of storage!

top 9 smartphone deals

8. LG G6 4GB RAM 64GB Storage (*22% off*) 399,99 EUR

A brilliant phone that made headlines. Fast, sleek and new. Its definitely a good buy!

top 9 smartphone deals

9. Nuevo Samsung Galaxy Note (*11% off*) 739,00 EUR

it’s a lovely phone and one that will be a great buy for everyone. Do you love drawing? This one is a good purchase for you!

 top 9 smartphone deals


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