Torrevieja gets approval to move police from front line duties

Torrevieja gets approval to move police from front line duties
Torrevieja gets approval to move police from front line duties

Having at long last obtained union approval the Torrevieja mayor, José Manuel Dolón, Los Verdes, has said that he is now in a position to move older policemen, and those who might be affected by injury or illness, into secondary positions that will remove them from front line policing.

They will now be able to remain as members of the Policia Local but will be employed in positions that are more suitable to their age or their medical condition.

Previously both human resources and the unions had objected to such a move as they said that there were not enough `places to provide them all with meaningful employment.

In total there are 25 places, where officers will be employed on backroom duties taking them off the streets.

This is a figure that exceeds 15% of the total workforce of 156 agents, including controllers. The mayor said that the move of the officers to different functions will not affect normal service.

Officers that are required to move will retain their present salary, something on which the unions insisted prior to agreeing to the mayor’s proposal.

In addition, the Police Council was informed that employment boards will be set up in order to fill the vacant and unoccupied positions of Inspector (4) and Agent (2), something for which the Police have been calling for over a year.

In making the announcement the mayor referred to the police officers who have recently been detained by the Guardia Civil, albeit the investigation is still being carried out.

Dolón said that it causes him “great sadness” and assured everyone that if the accusations are proven, “I will ensure that every possible action is taken against the officers concerned”. He said that they have let down the force and members of the public.


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