Children saved in Dolores following attempted arson

Children saved in Dolores following attempted arson
Children saved in Dolores following attempted arson

A man handed himself into the Guardia Civil in Dolores after he had been reported for attempted arson.

The incident occurred on Monday when the man is alleged to have sprayed the ground floor of a property containing three children with petrol before setting fire to the house after which he fled from the scene.

Family members called the emergency services although it is understood that they were able to douse the flames themselves with the help of their neighbours.

The events occurred late on Monday afternoon in a house located in the centre of Dolores. According to sources, the three children were on the top floor of the house. The alarm was raised by relatives after the alleged arsonist had set fire to the building before running away on foot.

Local patrols of the Dolores Local Police and Civil Guard were quickly on the scene where they provided assistance to the family prior to initiating a search for the alleged perpetrator.

They said that the children “were nervous but in good physical condition”.  They also ensured that the property was well ventilated because of the vapours caused by the fuel.

The search continued throughout night, with the alleged perpetrator handing himself in first thing in the morning at the barracks of the Civil Guard where he was placed under immediate arrest.

A second man was also arrested late on Monday afternoon for the alleged crime of the obstruction of justice.

The two detainees will appear in court during the coming days.


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