Two Bigastro families evacuated from collapsing house

Two Bigastro families evacuated from collapsing house. Image: Diario Informacion

Two families have had to be evacuated from their family homes on la calle San Isidro de Bigastro after it began to collapse early on Sunday morning. As part of the floor of one of the houses began to fall away the residents, two married couples with two young children had to be moved out at about 1am.

The residents, who were sleeping in another part of ​​the house, woke up when they heard a loud bang. They turned on the lights but initially they could see nothing that was out of order but when they turned the lights off they could then see light coming through gaps in the wall at the back of the house, in the toilet and kitchen.

Firefighters from Orihuela attended the scene where they confirmed the structural damage that had caused the wall to fall away. The families were instructed to leave because of the unsafe condition of the two properties.

The councillor for Urbanism, Antonio Meseguer, inspected the property along with Teresa Belmonte, the councillor for Social Welfare, Elena Lopez, a municipal technician, as well as firefighters and police, confirming that the damage is far too great to effect any sort of repair, as a result of which the property will have to be demolished.

He also confirmed that the two families had been moved and were being supported by the Municipal council.

Image: Diario Informacion


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