Plastic Problem – How much do you recycle?

Plastic Problem – How much do you recycle?

I am pleased to say that Spain is partaking in recycling of plastic, there are loads of recycling plants on the east coast and indeed all around Spain.  I didn´t realise how much plastic I threw out until I went to a supermarket a few weeks ago and absolutely filled a bin liner full of plastic containers. 

I now have a dustbin in the garden that I use for disposal of all this and I have been doing so for about two weeks, it is already half full!  Everything is covered in the stuff from a loaf of bread to prescription drugs.   

If you multiply this over every household you can see why the seas are becoming clogged and polluted with the stuff.   This has been in the news quite a lot lately showing where the tides wash it up and how it is destroying wildlife.  

Orihuela Costa provides the bins for the disposal of plastic, they are denoted by having yellow lids.   However the waste has to be transported to a re cycling plant and this takes fuel so it does seem difficult to justify in that way but it has to be transported one way or another. 

There are various ways of re cycling plastic everything from tiles to new bottles so the possibilities are endless.   However I think this is something we should all try to contribute to.

I have had a glass re cycling box for years but this is a whole different ball game as bottle banks are very obvious in the area.   Next of course is paper and cardboard which there are also bins for.  However I only have small garden and cannot house any more bins so I can only do the best I can.  

I do believe that plastic is the most urgent problem to deal with at the moment and recommend that you try for yourself and see just how much plastic you throw away, it may surprise you.  

I wonder if the banks could be persuaded to re cycle money, preferably to my purse, but I won´t hold my breath for that one!!!!

Scoop Carter


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