First international medical centre opens in Valencia

First international medical centre opens in Valencia

Medicality has a multinational team to attend foreign patients in their own language.

The international medical centre Medicality has opened its doors in Valencia, the first of its kind in the city of the Turia river. The center has a multinational team to attend foreign patients, whether Spain residents or tourists, in their native language, as well as Spanish patients.

The innovative concept within this medical centre is that they tailor the service to meet the needs of every patient, according to their country of origin. In doing so, Medicality follows the same standards of technology, hygiene, and personal treatment its patients receive in their homeland.

“We understand that by communicating in their own language and by having international staff who are sensitive to cultural differences we are able to make our patients feel at ease”, says Ilona Kunze, Medical Director at Medicality. Everybody here speaks both Spanish and English fluently, and additionally each specialist speaks other languages, such as German, French, Russian, Italian, Dutch, and Chinese.

The philosophy behind Medicality is based on integrative medicine and encompasses all medical specialties. The patient is considered as a whole in order to achieve better health and healing. “Modern medicine does not only equal healing or having high technology at your disposal, it also means preventing the illness and reaching a physical and mental balance”, they explain.

The medical centre is situated at number 19 in Calle Pintor Sorolla and has over a dozen specialists. Their opening hours are Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 20:00.

Medicality offers general medicine as well as medical specialties (paediatrics, cardiology, psychology, cardiovascular surgery, neurology, dermatology, traumatology, otorhinolaryngology and more). They also offer complementary medicine (acupuncture, homeopathy, and natural medicine) and preventive medicine, whose top services are “health check-ups”, “anti-ageing medicine”, “nutrition” and “coaching”. Additionally, they offer aesthetic medicine and second opinions.

Another innovation you can find at Medicality is telemedicine. A novelty concept in the patient-doctor relationship, which comes from communication technology. It consists in online medical consultancy through video calls, whether to exchange test results or to follow up on treatments.

Medicality was founded in Valencia in 2016 by Ilona Kunze and Ricardo Sanz, whose goal was to create a medical centre where foreign and Spanish patients can find a comprehensive, top-quality medical service. The values at this international medical centre are closeness, teamwork, professionality, and a tailored service.


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