Like taking Candy from a Baby, eventually !

Like taking Candy from a Baby

Daya Nueva 9 – 0 Montesinos 

Daya welcomed Montesinos to La Puebla for this evening’s game, at this stage of the season the visitors find themselves propping up the rest of the teams as they are bottom of the league.  So a win was expected of the home side and from the off set about winning the game comfortably. 

They pushed Montesinos deep into their own half with attack after attack and it could not be too long before the goals started flowing.  After fifteen minutes    of constant battering by the Daya forwards there were still no goals.  This was due to a combination of shocking finishing, great goal keeping, and defenders getting every part of their bodies in the way of the ball.  The further the game went on the more serious the situation became because it looked as if a goal would never come. 

Just like waiting for a bus for a long time when one comes, two come along together.  Daya’s opening goal came with five minutes of the half left with a good strike by Omar followed two minutes later with the second goal scored by Aaron.  So  2-0 at the break and deservedly so. 

With the second half five minutes old and Daya attacking in numbers Alex hit a shot that was going wide but was turned in for the third goal by a Montesinos defender.  The points were surely now all Daya’s and Omar confirmed this with his second goal on fifty six minutes.  Fernando got in on the act with a great effort to make it 5-0.  On sixty eight minutes Josue made it 6-0 with a thunderbolt of a shot. 

The visitors were completely overwhelmed and had no answer to Daya’s constant attacks.  Jaime in Daya’s goal was having the easiest game of his life and should have brought his knitting to keep himself occupied. 

On seventy minutes Omar with his hat trick goal made it 7-0,  could double figures be on the cards ?  Four minutes later Fernando scored his second goal, followed four minutes later with his hat trick goal making the score 9-0. 

So just one goal more for double figures !  Somehow Montesinos held out for the final ten minutes or so with two magnificent saves from their keeper denying Daya double figures.  Men of the Match have to be the hat trick pair of Omar and Fernando.

Daya Dave

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