Aena guarantees San Javier jobs on Corvera move

Aena guarantees San Javier jobs on Corvera move

According to company sources, Airport operator Aena has said that all of its employees currently working at San Javier airport will maintain their jobs at the new facilities in Corvera should it be awarded the contract the manage the new airport.

As the Regional Government continues to study the tender and Aena’s economy offer,  the Minister of Development, Pedro Rivera, is understood to have said on Saturday that Aena have on the table «the transition plan» from one airport to another.

Included in the plan is confirmation that the 50 employees that the company has in San Javier can change their work place if they want to. Aena has given guarantees to the unions in this regard, said the same sources. Workers who move “would move to a new location with the same employer and would keep all their labour rights,” they said.

The Minister of Public Works, Íñigo de la Serna, also said last week that “it makes no sense” to have two airports at such a short distance and considered that the expectations of traffic growth in Corvera “are greater” and guarantee “an important profitability to the operation”.

However the 450 employees of the auxiliary companies that currently work in San Javier are still not aware of their future. The operator says that it is looking at their situation but has not yet made a statement, although he insists that everything is still pending subject to the award of the concession contract.

Pedro Rivera said that the members of the Contracting Committee “are already working on the technical and economic offer that has been presented by Aena.” Although the assessment period is set at three months, he indicated that he has instructions from the president of the Community “to accelerate all the procedures so that an announcement can be made as soon as possible.



  1. I think that his promise is a very powerful one. If the owners of the company will keep this promise they will acquire plenty of helpful workers that will devote their time and energy to the company’s work. I think that it is necessary to employ young people on the jobs because you can teach them to apply their skills s it fits best to the needs of the company. I think that soon we will read the news how the work of the company became much more successful with the newcomers.


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