Coffee Spanglish Expands

Coffee Spanglish Expands

The English-Spanish language exchange, Coffee Spanglish, was pleased to recently receive a visit from the students and teachers of the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Macael, the official language school based in Macael.

Language tutor Enrique Rodriguez arranged the visit and he was accompanied by his fellow tutors Rosario Sanchez, Virginia Martin and Silvia Capilla  together with some of their students. 

It provided a unique opportunity for English speaking members of Coffee Spanglish and the students from the Escuela de Idiomas to develop their conversation skills.

The Coffee Spanglish group was initiated in 2016 by Sarah Makin and Shelagh Copeland from the Almanzora Group of Friends with the support of Councilor Maura Hillen from the Town Hall of Albox.  It allows English residents to improve their conversational Spanish with the help of native speakers and Spanish residents to improve their English in a relaxed atmosphere outside of a schoolroom environment at no cost to the participants.

Expressing her satisfaction with the success of the initiative the president of the  Almanzora Group of Friends, Shelagh Copeland said “We look forward to further developing our links with the Ayuntamiento de Albox, with the Escuela de Idiomas and with the local Spanish community to enjoy many more cultural experiences”.

Coffee Spanglish every Friday at the Café Bar Oasis, Calle Canonigo Bartolome Marin, 6 , Albox from 5:00 to 7:00. For more information about joining Coffee Spanglish for FREE, contact:


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