One of Spain’s premier festivals, held late autumn in Catalonia, is the Fires de Sant Narcís, which are held from October 27th to November 5th.

The ten-day festival is held in honour of the Saints’ Day of Sant Narcís, patron saint of Girona and draws massive crowds from all over Catalonia.

There are over 200 events including over 60 pop, rock and jazz concerts many of which are on at the big stage on the Passeig de la Copa in the Parc de la Devesa, as well as lots of traditional activities for children and all the family, such as the Correfoc, the Diada Castellera and the Processions with Gegants and Capgrossos.

Perhaps the highlight, though, are the human towers which are built, involving dozens of supporters and which are often more than 7 or 8 people high.

It’s a big tradition in Catalonia and they are built as many different festivals across the Community. People say the human towers represent the Catalan spirit – when they stick together they can achieve big things.


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