Callosa pressure group consider denouncing Law of Historical Memory

Cruz Callosa

The Platform in Defence of the Cross of Callosa is considering joining the judicial initiative of a group of Catholic lawyers who oppose the recently approved law that opens the door to sanctions for all those who oppose the withdrawal of symbols, such as the Callosa Cross.

Last week the Valencian Cortes approved an amendment to the Law of Historical Memory “Reforma Democrática”. Many Catholic groups say that this is an excuse to give legal protection to all those people who want to end the display of Christian symbols in public and private spaces.

The Platform in Defence of the Cross of Callosa say that they are currently studying the amendment and may well initiate legal actions to denounce it as unconstitutional, a move that has already been carried out by a group of Christian lawyers.

They warn that the law will allow sanctions against all those who oppose the removal of symbols such as the Callosa Cross.

Meanwhile, the platform has opened a legal process in defence of the Cross as a religious symbol, in support of many others who also seek the permanence of the Cross in the Plaza de Callosa.


Members of the Platform next to the Cross in Callosa


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