Greenlands Oaks edge out Blues in Division’s top match


In the Discovery League the Maples were Away to El Rancho Pintos for the first time in 2 years, the return trip did not pan out as we struggled with the very fast rink. So after a mostly frustrating game the result was as follows. – total shots for – 69.  Against – 139.  Points for – 2.  points against – 12. Well done to our only winning rink of Sheila Stead, Jim Wilcock, Barry Collins. – 21 shots to 16.

In the Winter League we were at home to La Siesta. Final scores were – Total shots for – 89.  total shots against – 92.  Points for – 6.  against – 6.  Winning rinks were –   Janet Webb, Margaret Stephens, Dave Thompson, Jim Oliver. – 28 shots to 11.  Jean Thompson, Jean Giddings, John Wray, Marilyn Fryatt. –  19 shots to 17.  Joan Oliver, Mary Lockley, Chris Dewar, Dave Webb, –  20 shots to 15.

 On Friday, Greenlands Oaks were away to La Siesta Blues where we kept up the good start of the season with another good result away from home.  Final scores were – Shots for – 112 Against – 90.  Points for  – 8.  against – 6. Winning rinks were – Sheila Stead, Margaret Stevens, Dave Thompson.  31 shots to 3.  Heather Meson, Margaret Dewar, Dave Webb. – 18 shots to 14.

Two very close matches ended in draws so this result puts us 2nd in the table just two points behind La Siesta.

The Cedars were at home to San Luis Leopards.  Final scores were – Total shots for – 114  against  99.  Points for – 6  against – 8. Winning rinks were – Dave Field, Ron Stansfield, Jim Oliver, – 32 shots to 9.  Joan Oliver, Jim M clean, Tony Hodges, – 30 shots to 14. for all enquiries please tel Haley on 966 84 4399.


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