Civil Guard breaks up a network of fraudulent property rentals in Torrevieja

Civil Guard breaks up a network of fraudulent property rentals in Torrevieja

The Torrevieja Civil Guard of Torrevieja has arrested a woman who rented houses fraudulently. She is charged with the crimes of documentary fraud, burglary and robbery.

At the moment, there are just five families affected, who all believed that the contracts they signed were completely legal.

In early October a couple living in Torrevieja went away on holiday for a few days. On returning home, the found that someone had been using their property. They complained to the police who subsequently found that there were five houses in the same apartment block that were all being occupied illegally. Needless to say, their suspicions were raised.

After numerous further enquiries, a Spaniard, of Bosnian origin, 28, who had developed a network of swindles for the rental of dwellings, has now been arrested.

The woman now detained, gained entry to the houses that she knew would be empty, forcing the locks on the main entrance doors. She then changed the locks on the broken doors and rented the properties to other families, many with small children, who thought that they were legitimate rentals.

In some cases, she also removed items from the homes, usually goods of some value. The investigation has revealed that some of the homes were even offered on the internet, on a well-known second-hand buying and selling page.

The detainee was found to be a repeat offender having previously been arrested for similar crimes in November 2016


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