Mojácar attends  regional meeting of Spain’s most beautiful towns and villages

Mojácar attends  regional meeting of Spain’s most beautiful towns and villages

Mojácar’s Councillor for Tourism, Emmanuel Agüero, recently attended a Southern Region Assembly of Spain’s Most Beautiful Towns and Villages, of which he is also Association Secretary.

The event, held in Pampaneira in the Alpujarras, covered a full agenda including preparations for their Association’s National Senate meeting on November 16 and, their first Conference on Tourism, Innovation and the Environment in Rural Spain.

As well as members of the Senate, the Conference will be joined by representatives from a broad range of Ministries including; Energy and Tourism, Finance and Public Services, Education, Culture, Sport, Agriculture, Fishing, Food and Environment with  national universities and companies such as Endesa and Telefónica taking part.  The event will focus on a number of topics including; financial assistance to towns, depopulation in certain areas, aesthetic improvements to historic centres and innovative ways forward for rural and cultural tourism.

Other matters discussed at the recent Regional Assembly in the Alpujarras was the creation of a ‘reservation centre’ for the all municipalities in the Association to join, that would form a bank of up to date information with hotel and restaurant offers, fiesta events, as well as general details on reservations and the facility to make bookings. A ‘Club de Amigos’ is also planned, for members to benefit from a wide variety of discounts.

Finally, to get youngsters involved, the children living in the Association’s different towns and villages are going to be encouraged to exchange experiences and ideas ‘in the old fashioned way’, by sending letters to each other through their respective schools.

The next Southern Regional Assembly will be held in 2018 in Zuheros, who will be hosting of the second Ethnographic Festival, whilst Mojácar will be the location for the next National Assembly on December 1 and 2.


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