Lifelong friends die after car crashes into a ravine

Two deaths after car crashes into a ravine

Two men died after the car they were in plunged over a ravine in the municipality of Beniarrés, inland from Javea. The accident took place on Thursday evening, but the bodies were not found until mid-afternoon on Friday when the Guardia Civil were alerted to the crashed car by passing cyclists.

The victims, aged 76 and 73, were traveling in a dark green off-road vehicle that fell into a 20 metre deep ravine on the road to Revolcador, just a kilometre from the town of Beniarrés, according to the Civil Guard.

Firefighters from the La Montaña regional park attended the scene and attempted to free the two occupants of the car. One of them was dead when the emergency personnel arrived, but the other was still alive, although very weak. Unfortunately he too died as paramedics dealt with her injuries.  

Both of the victims of the accident were men and residents of Beniarrés’s. They were both retired and regularly went out together, enjoying the same hobbies and had a very good friendship for many years.

The mayor of the town said that “this news in such a small town affects us all a lot”, since “we all know each other and are either friends or family”.

The vehicle was removed from the ravine at around 6 pm on Friday evening with the help of a crane and under the supervision of the Civil Guard.


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