A Division debut for El Rancho players

A Division debut for El Rancho players

The leagues commencing today took the Mustangs to La Marina, to play the Ospreys, a first time in the A division for many of our bowlers. Coming away with 2 rinks is a good result in any away from home fixture.

Judy Foley, Keith Cunningham and David Whitworth 6-33. June Whitworth, Henry Ryder and Richard Lee 19-17. Geoff Jones, Jane Hamill and Stew Hamill 19-25. Barbara Jones, Sheila Cooper and Carolyn Harris 8-31. Ann S Taylor, Shirley Edwards and Jim Taylor 7-23. Irene Thomson, Jim Gracie and Eddie Thomson 21-9.

The Broncos played at home against Greenlands Cedars and although took just the one rink, several rinks were quite close, with a few perhaps a little rusty from the summer break and looking good for the future.

Pam Harris, Graham Day and Brian Harris 11-25. Gill Bartlett, Peter Blackburn and Rob Clark 16-21. Gary Dunstone, Bob Easthope and Barry Bright 15-18. Edward Elsam, Peter Bagwell and Jean Bagwell 21-8. Tony Robinson, Tricia Elsam and Keith Longshaw 15-19. Sheila Cox, Mike Cox and Gary Newson 13-16. For membership details contact Brian Taylor on 965 07 7093 or at briantaylor_es@yahoo.co.uk or Carolyn Harris on 966 77 4316 or at elranchobowls.secretary@gmail.com


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