Government refuses to open tax office in Torrevieja

Government refuses to open tax office in Torrevieja

Carles Mulet, the spokesman of Compromis in the Senate, has been told that anyone in the Torrevieja area who might wish to resolve their tax problems by a face to face meeting with a government official must continue to use the only tax office in the region, which is located in Orihuela city, despite the fact that an enormous, and largely-empty Social Security complex, has been operating in Torrevieja since it was built six years ago in 2011.

Mulet put his question to the Senate: The City of Torrevieja has “a building which has been built to accommodate the AEAT (Agencia Tributaria) and although there has long been a project to move the agency in it has still not been set in motion. Torrevieja has more than 100,000 registered residents – actually 86,000 now – and yet it does not have a local tax office. What action does the government intend to take in this respect? ‘

Mulet says that the response “could not be more disappointing”.

The Government insists that “their commitment, through the Tax Agency, to new technologies, has reduced the need to visit their offices in order to resolve problems, and that people who are unable to travel to Orihuela should resolve their difficulties through the internet portal


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