5 Trending car features 2017

5 Trending car features 2017
5 Trending car features 2017

Car features are changing and getting more advanced to suit every customer needs. From average cars to luxurious cars they are packed with cool features that can’t go unnoticed. Automotive companies are making their cars more technologically sophisticated. Below are features rocking the car industry in 2017. It is unfortunate there is nothing that really benefits online gamblers.

  1. Electronic Dashboards

The infotainment system is the hot thing in every new car these days. Dashboards are making great strides in becoming more electronic than ever before. No matter the price of the car we’ve seen advanced infotainment systems that can perform various functions. Such functions include connecting a smartphone to wirelessly stream calls, texts and data, onboard internet service, entertainment, and safety information. Everything on the dashboard is now digitalized to support other car features.

  1. Wireless car charging

Most cars now include wireless smartphone charging system on their specifications. The ability to place your phone into a car dock and it starts charging is now a necessity for a lot of people. Which might prove useful to gamblers playing online casino games at best casinos online on their mobile devices.

  1. Cameras and Sensors

Safety is the most important aspect considered during car design. Latest vehicles are equipped with cameras and sensors to ensure safety for drivers and passengers. These features make the cars safer and more convenient. Some can detect obstacles and automatically brake. In addition, cameras and sensors in most cars assist with parking and the driver is alerted to obstacles.

  1. Active Lane Change Assist

The technology was first introduced by Mercedes-Benz this year. It assists the driver with changing from one lane to another when it is safe to do so. The driver will have to signal which lane to go and the will find where it can fit then automatically steer itself.

  1. Hill Descent Assist

This feature modifies the degree of traction of the terrain and controls the vehicle speed as it descends in forward or reverse gear. The technology allows the driver to dominate and drive at ease on any terrain no matter how steep it is.


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