Cashpoint Robber covers head with underpants

The robber threatens his victim with a knife

Torrevieja’s Guardia Civil has arrested a 41 year old Spaniard as the alleged perpetrator of a robbery in which he threatened another man with a large knife while he was withdrawing money at a cashpoint in the town centre.

The events occurred in Torrevieja in July during the middle of the night when a man who was withdrawing cash was approached by another individual who had covered his face and head with a pair of underpants. He demanded that the money be handed over as he brandished a large knife in front of his face. He then also demanded that the man withdraw more cash but the victim quickly tuned on his heel and ran away from his assailant.

The robbery was recorded by the ATM security cameras which was subsequently used during the Civil Guard investigation and his appearance in court.

They clearly show how the victim was intimidated by the perpetrator who was wearing a pair of underpants on his head, as a mask, in an attempt to cover his face.

The assailant grabbed the victim by the neck with his left hand while, with his right hand he held the knife to his throat. The complainant tried to escape, but then decided that the threat was too great as he handed over the money.

The assailant then demanded more money but as he stepped away and began to count the cash that had just been handed over the victim then ran away from the scene while the assailant ran off in the opposite direction.

After returning to the scene to remove his card the victim then reported the incident to the police who arrested the 41 year old man.

Officers also revealed the suspect had threatened his dad with the same knife just 24 hours later.

The detainee is currently being held in prison on remand.


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