Youth Club opened in Algorfa

Youth Club opened in Algorfa

A meeting place has been officially opened in Algorfa to provide the town’s young people a low-cost place to go outside of school, offering them arrange of activities and a sense of belonging.

The councillor for youth, Mª Carmen Rodríguez, explained that “we have sought a multifunctional centre with a variety of activities.  It is intended designed for young people to enjoy both leisure and cultural activities. The idea is to schedule talks, workshops and activities that will provide recreation, companionship, useful instruction, and a strong guiding influence to lead young people onward and upward socially and morally.

The mayor, Manuel Ros, stressed that “this was a promise that we made to the young people of Algorfa. The objective is to promote youth association and participation, providing them with an appropriate space and a program of activities that will help us to better understand their concerns and aspirations. ”

The opening was attended by the mayor, Manuel Ros, as well as members of many other other institutional bodies, together with a large number of young people who were ready to enjoy a club created and designed for the youth of Algorfa.

The centre will be open to age groups ranging from 8 to 17 years of age, with different hours of use and with a varied programming appropriate to each of the different age groups.


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