Neglected road markings a danger to public

Many road markings are impossible to see

Surface markings, including centre lines and zebra crossings, have badly faded on majority of the roads in and around the Orihuela Costa putting motorists and pedestrians, especially young children, at risk.

Zebra lines and stop markings, are almost transparent at many busy junctions and crossings, particularly along the Calle del Mar and Calle Agua in Aguamarina/Cabo Roig leading onto the N332.

Cars speed over the crossings without even seeing them, not helped by the inconsiderate motorists who obscure the sides of the crossings by parking on or dangerously close to them with their vans and cars, and there have been a number of near misses, people living at the nearby homes say.

Robert Simmons said “It’s almost a year since I first reported it to the Playa Flamenca Town Hall and still nothing has been done. There are perhaps 20 need repainting along Calle del Mar and down the adjacent streets, some being far worse than others because of the weight of traffic.”

“I’ve been on and on at them to repaint the zebra crossings and the white lines because it’s dangerous.”

“After nightfall the crossings are almost invisible and it is only a matter of time before we have a serious accident.”

“I was told last year it was a priority and would be done in a few weeks, but we are still waiting.”


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